eq-Aware assessment line graph results compared to peers

eq-Aware Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a dynamic snapshot of your current assessment compared to your peer group.

You will be guided toward the essential competencies to focus on for emotional intelligence development and leveraging for success.

Competency Builders are accessed directly from the Dashboard which provide learning and development guidance along with behavior modification tips for each of the competencies measured by the assessment.

In short, the dashboard serves as the library and development portal for eq-Aware participants.

LIFO® Behavioral Styles

The LIFO® Behavioral Styles Survey | Student Edition provides insight into the way your teenager prefers to communicate. It identifies their preferred behavioral style under two very different conditions...when things are going well (favorable conditions) and when they are under stress (unfavorable conditions).

The behavioral styles survey, provides unique insight to parents and teenagers about the teens' behavioral preferences.

In other words what you do, as opposed to a static review of your personality type, who you are.

This survey and feedback enhances the eq-Aware Assessment by providing insight about how to engage, connect, and influence teens during emotional intelligence development. It is included in the Development + program, as well as the stand-alone LIFO® Survey | Student Edition program.

LIFO® Behavior Styles Survey Feedback
A place for teens to get advice and coaching and a growing list of Competency Builders as they are added to the Dashboard

Coaching and Development

Included in our Development and Development + programs, your teenager (and you) will have access to ongoing coaching  on how to develop all twelve competencies and you will receive tips on how to encourage their development.

The Competency Builders are delivered to the eq-Aware Dashboard, monthly. Additionally, periodic communication based on the teens development objectives will be delivered via test messages, email, and social media.

Finally, participants and parents will have the opportunity to engage eq-Aware to ask for specific feedback or development suggestions through our interactive communication portal available directly from the Dashboard.

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