Organizational processes are not designed to build cohesive, engaged teams or effectively execute strategy.

Individual Focus, Organizational Excellence

How we show up in organizations, engage and relate to our co-workers and customers, and how we execute corporate strategy directly correlates to dimensions of our emotional intelligence and our behavioral preferences. Our approach focuses on these dimensions and the competencies related to them. To complete the process, an examination and personal strategic plan for managing behavioral style preferences create a dynamic approach to individual high-performance.

How I Show Up

Individuals are brought into an organization to complete a task, manage a process, or implement and lead a strategy. Two or more individuals make up a team and teams are parts of departments that have functional responsibility. Considering this, the best place to start is with the foundational player of this process, the individual.

The Essentials

Individuals are hired base on some technical competency or capability. But like the disclaimer on all investment products, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The most common variables impacting performance things like culture, communication, and relationships.

Any meaningful conversation or assessment should include several key components. Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and adaptability skills are required to effectively participate in any organizational environment. We consider these the essentials of relationship management. These competencies influence how employees engage each other and perform.

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