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There are several ways:

  • Do they understand the competencies?
  • Have they modified any behaviors?
  • Compare assessment scores - we invite participants to take the assessment six months after the original assessment.


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Changing your password...

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  1. The participant takes an online assessment. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes.
  2. The results are posted on development dashboard, which is a password protected page.
  3. The dashboard includes the link to the 'Competency Builder' pages which provides content explaining the participants emotional intelligence strength and high-payoff development opportunity.
  4. The participant then begins a coaching sequence and will receive text messages and/or emails that contain coaching exercises.

Teenagers will receive text messages and emails each week they participate in the coaching program. Parents receive the same development exercise along with a special message at the top of the text message or email that offers suggestions or tips on how to support their teen during the exercise.

Our program is delivered to YOU! No need to get in a car and drive anywhere, or schedule 3 hours into your day somewhere to get your teen to a class, let them sit and learn, then bring them back home. We send EVERYTHING to you and your teen via texts and emails. The feedback we've received is awesome, because NOT ONLY is the teen developing their emotional, the parent/guardian, are developing and growing too!