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The Impact of Emotional Intelligence Development

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Developing emotional intelligence in teens is important!

Teen stress is edging beyond that of adults. Their rate of psychopathology is five times that of 75 years ago.

American Psychological Association

America’s teens “trail much of the world on measures of school achievement, but are among the world leaders in violence, unwanted pregnancy, STDs, abortion, binge drinking, marijuana use, obesity, and unhappiness”

Larry Steinberg, Adolescence Scholar
A 2013 survey of more than 123,000 students at 153 colleges showed that more than half experience overwhelming anxiety, and about a third feel intense depression during the school year.
Investment in the education of children’s ‘non-cognitive’ skill is a cost-effective approach to increasing the quality and productivity of the workforce.
James Heckman, Nobel Laureate

eq-Aware Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Teenagers©

All of our e-learning programs begin with our comprehensive assessment of

12 emotional intelligence competencies

For a one-time investment of $50 you receive the assessment, feedback on the development Dashboard, specific competencies to develop and leverage, and 4 weeks of coaching on the competency you need to develop most.

The assessment and feedback include:

  • Results vs. Peer Group
  • Detailed description of development and leveraging competency
  • Access to your online development Dashboard
  • Development exercises
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