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The Impact of Underdeveloped Emotional Intelligence among College Freshmen

...of students said more emphasis was placed on being ready academically, than being ready emotionally, for college
...wish they had gotten more help with emotional preparation for college
Students who find it difficult to get emotional support are 50% more likely to regularly consume drugs or alcohol in their first term
...of students rated their emotional help as, much worse or somewhat worse, than other students in both their final year of high school and their first term in college

Source: 2015 Online Survey of college students in their second term conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of The Jed Foundation, The Jordon Matthew Porco Foundation, and The Partnership for Drug Free Kids

Is Your Teen Leaving for College in August?

Preparing your teenager for college can be a tricky and often exasperating task. College is a time of greatly increased independence, pressure, and responsibility — it's also a lot of fun.

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  • introduce your teen to the concept of emotional intelligence
  • help your teen become aware of the emotional intelligence blind spot and get tips for development
  • take away reference points for productive conversations when they have difficulties and challenges

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With the average cost of a four year college education in the United States close to $150,000, it makes sense that parents do everything possible to make sure teenagers are prepared to maximize this tremendous financial commitment. Yet studies like the The First-Year College Experience by The Harris Poll show how emotionally unprepared teenagers are to deal with the transition.

Cognitive intelligence get’s them in the door, but purposeful development of emotional intelligence skills will help them thrive by giving them the skills necessary to deal with their college experience.

You wouldn't send your child into a winter storm wearing only one glove and one boot, so why would you send them to college with only half of the intelligence development needed to really succeed?

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