The importance of developing Emotional Intelligence

Why develop emotional intelligence in teens?

Teens will use math and English skills almost every day, and they may be required to use the other cognitive knowledge they learn in school from time to time, but they cannot live one minute of the day without using some aspect of emotional intelligence.

To give them the best chance to optimize their success and happiness, they must be given a chance to develop their intrapersonal, interpersonal, and adaptability skills.

What is the impact of development emotional intelligence? More confidence and independence, better relationships and respect for community and institutions, and the ability to problem-solve, handle pressure, and practice self-control.

“Teen stress is edging beyond that of adults. Their rate of psychopathology is five times that of 75 years ago.”

American Psychological Association

Our focus is on teenagers. As teens progress from middle school to high school, and from high school to college, academic demands increase, relationships become more complex and the demands of young adulthood create tremendous anxiety.  Yet adults often fail them by not providing a formal development of these necessary skills.

Through trial and error and experience teens learn to manage these new challenges with varying degrees of success. Some thrive, while others go through the emotional roller coaster with no idea when the ride will end.

We help teens smooth out this ride by using a systematic approach. We introduce and help them develop 12 competencies. A few are:

EQ plays a larger role in success

If emotional intelligence plays an equally important role as cognitive intelligence in peoples success, and most of the research tells us it’s more important,

what formal development process
do you have in place?

That’s where eq-Aware™ comes in. Our process is designed to help teens develop emotional intelligent and thrive in everything they do.

We offer flexibility through our  4 programs




years of in depth research says,

emotional intelligence makes up at least


of the skills required to succeed in life,

What are you doing to develop your teen?

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