Self-Esteem as an Emotional Intelligence Competency in Teenagers

People with a healthy level of self-esteem have faith in their abilities and what they can contribute in the various roles in their lives. When things don’t go their way they don’t blame others or take on a ‘woe is me’ attitude.

July 2016

It’s Time for A Summer of Love | Start A Dialog With Your Teen

Let’s face it, the last few months have not been the easiest time to be a parent or teenager. This has been anything but the ‘Summer of Love’. With all that is going on around the world and in our own backyard, it’s hard to wrap your parental head around it [...]

June 2016

The Kids Are Alright | Risky Teen Behaviors Declining

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you might agree with many of your fellow parents that today’s teenagers are more reckless and less responsible today than when you were growing up. Not so fast my friend. Across the board, adolescent use of alcohol, tobacco, and many illegal drugs is lower [...]

Developing The Future Workforce | Soft Skills Are Not Negotiable

Last week I attended a forum of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative. The initiative was created earlier this year by Gov. Abbott to ensure Texas is prepared to compete in a dynamic and ever-changing 21st-century economy. Representatives from the construction and petrochemical industries, veterans advocate groups, as well as [...]

May 2016

Personal Accountability | You’re the average of the 5 people you hang around with…now what?

Jim Rohn was a very successful author and motivational speaker. He was a pioneer and leader in the personal development industry. He was well known for the quote, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” There are other timeless quotes in this vain like, “If [...]