Self-Control as an Emotional Intelligence Competency in Teenagers

People with self-control have the ability to understand and regulate desires and temptations and manage them responsibly. Desire, wants, and needs come in many forms. The ability to manage each of these is vital to emotional success.

September 2016

Traffic Stinks | An Opportunity to work on Emotional Intelligence Skills

Here’s a Monday news flash, traffic stinks! With school, school buses, and school zone speed limits back in session, it’s even worse. Did you know, the average commuter in a big city in America spends 50 hours a year stuck in traffic? What does that do to our psyche? [...]

August 2016

Behavior Modeling | 2016 Election: Excellent examples of how not to behave

I avoided this subject long enough. As I watch the two presidential candidates during the election, I can’t imagine many parents wanting their children to grow up and emulate either of them. Throughout their very public lives, both candidates have exhibited habitual and well-documented dishonesty, anger, vindictiveness, pettiness, and hypocrisy. Both [...]

July 2016

Debate | It’s good for the head and heart

When it comes to technology, you can have the ‘good old days’. I love my iPhone 6S Plus and NFL Red Zone streaming in more than one room at the time. I’m not sure what the heck we did before Google Drive or Dropbox. Where did we keep all that stuff? [...]

April 2016

Self-Control | What’s My Motivation?

Newsflash!...Most adults struggle with self-control. Willpower, discipline, or whatever you want to call it impacts nearly every aspect of our existence. Diet, exercise, studying, working, avoiding risky behaviors, driving habits are all function of self-control. Even relationship management is impacted by self-control. The quality of our relationships are greatly effected by how we react [...]