Handling Pressure as an Emotional Intelligence Competency in Teenagers

People with skill at handling pressure are able to deal with all of the challenges of life and don’t get overwhelmed or loose control of emotions. When situations are complex, people adept at handling pressure can slow down and take each aspect step-by-step.

August 2016

Handling Pressure | The dog days of summer means it’s back to school

Handling pressure, especially during the  dog days of summer can be trying. Summer break is winding down and students and parents are in full ‘back to school’ mode. With the end of the lazy days of summer, the pressure and stress could work itself into a lather over the coming weeks. [...]

July 2016

Preparing for College Transition | Get Your EQ On!

The clock is ticking... As we enter the middle of July, many recent high school graduates are only five or six weeks away from college transition, a life changing event. According to various research reports and surveys, most of them are only half prepared. Students on the verge of beginning [...]

March 2016

Handling Pressure | We can learn from March Madness

If you've been reading my weekly blog, you know by now this website and blog is all about helping teenagers develop their emotional intelligence. It’s important stuff and it shows up all day every day. The world of sports gave an epic example last night of one of the key competencies of emotional intelligence, HANDLING [...]